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How Boats Were Manufactured

How Boats Were Manufactured

3 Critical Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Turntable Wrapping Machine

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A turntable wrapping machine is a handy piece of equipment that can help immensely with wrapping pallets and other things on the job, which can make your workday a whole lot easier. However, as with any other machinery, a turntable wrapping machine can be dangerous if you are not careful. Make sure that you follow these three critical safety tips when using this machinery in order to help prevent dangerous accidents. 1. Stand in Front of the Operating Screen It can be tempting to stand in front of the turntable when it is doing its job, particularly if you want to keep an eye on the equipment as it is doing its job. However, it is much safer to stand in front of the operating screen, which can clue you in to any potential problems while you’re out of harm’s way and which can help prevent you from being harmed by the machinery while it is in operation. 2. Turn the Machine Off Before Making Adjustments If you do decide to step away from the operating screen, make sure that you power the equipment off. You will also need to turn the machine off before making any adjustments or before stepping on the turntable. It can be tempting to try to make minor adjustments without putting a stop to the operation of the machine, but doing so can put you at an unnecessary risk of getting injured. Plus, it is easier to damage the machine when making changes while it’s turned on than when it is powered off. 3. Keep the Surrounding Area Clean It can be easy for the turntable wrapping machine’s moving parts to get hung up on debris from the surrounding area, which can cause malfunction of the machine and potential injury. Make sure that any forklifts, pallets or other items are kept away from the reach of the machine. Also, keep the area well-swept and clean. Not only will this help prevent malfunction and injury, but it will also help ensure the quality of the packaging that is done to your products, since you probably don’t want to send products out to distributors or customers with dirt and debris wrapped up in them. When you’re working with a turntable wrapping machine, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Following these three tips will help you prevent injury and will help you keep the machine operating smoothly during your shift. For more tips, contact a company like Fox Packaging...

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7 Things To Look For In Commercial Dryers

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If you are looking for new commercial dryers, you already know that you have plenty of options to choose from. In addition to high-quality parts and easy controls, other aspects factor in to the way you dry laundry efficiently. Here are a few components you need to consider as you shop: 1. Durability Consider the factors that make a commercial dryer durable: protection against overloading, dual motors, and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, kick plates and bumpers provide adequate protection from nicks, scrapes, and other deformities. You don’t want a large load to put your dryer out of commission. 2. Quiet A loud dryer is not pleasing or welcoming. The best way to achieve a quiet system? An all-belt drive system. Make sure to listen to a dryer before you commit to it. You might find that the noise it makes is simply unpleasant for your facility. 3. Simple Maintenance The best thing about buying a commercial dryer you can easily maintain is that it is cost-effective. If you have a self-cleaning lint screen and plenty of airflow, you do not have to do too much to keep your machine running. 4. Several Settings Several different options available on your dryer can help to keep your level of dryness accurate. A moisture sensing system may be more accurate than simply trying to judge the load’s necessary time yourself. 5. Solid Display A digital display with a cycle countdown and other helpful information is excellent for running a commercial dryer. You no longer have to check each machine closely. Make sure you can read the display from across the room to avoid wasting time. 6. Safety Features Safety is essential as far as commercial dryers are concerned. Sprinkler systems can prevent fires from getting out of hand. If you own a commercial laundry facility, this is especially important because you may have several machines that could malfunction. 7. Capacity Not only does having a high-capacity commercial dryer save money, but it also lessens your environmental footprint. Of course, you also do not want to expend too much floor space to accommodate extra capacity. Paying close attention to tumbler size is essential for this reason. Commercial washers and dryers are generally quite sturdy, but not every machine is made alike. Do your research before you commit to a dryer. You may find one that is trustworthy enough to buy in bulk to stock your facility. For more information, contact companies like Maytag from...

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Benefits To Housing Your Commercial Vehicles In Storage For The Winter

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When you own a company that uses commercial vehicles during the warmer months only, you may be at a loss as to where to safely place these vehicles during the colder winter seasons. A self storage unit is an excellent place to house not only your work vehicles, but equipment that you put away during the winter as well. Here are a few key benefits to choosing self storage for your commercial vehicles during your winter season. Safe housing Storage unit facilities often take great measures to keep their customers’ belongings safe, especially when large equipment is involved. As such, you can expect a self storage unit facility to be fully enclosed with a tall fence, lighted at night, and have security cameras both within and on the outer perimeters of the facility. Some storage unit facilities even have a security guard on staff at night to further keep items and units safe. This is something you can enjoy when you place your commercial vehicles in an enclosed unit at a storage unit facility that you may not have available at your own company. Another aspect to safe housing at a storage unit is the comfort of knowing that your commercial vehicles are not left out in the weather to freeze up, get wet, or obtain wind or snow damage. With all your commercial vehicles covered on all sides when they are in storage, you can feel confident that these vehicles will be ready for use as soon as the warmer weather hits and you are ready to work again. Room for other items You may not have room at your company’s building to safely place all your commercial vehicles in safe storage for the winter. This can cause you to take up valuable garage, parking lot, and yard space that you would otherwise use for customer parking or storing equipment. Using a self storage unit is a wise investment in opening up space at your building for other uses and keeping your property organized and neat. When choosing a storage unit facility, look for companies that have large storage units for housing vehicles and large equipment pieces. You also want to look for excellent security measures in a self storage company so you can know that your vehicles are always in safe hands. In choosing a self storage unit to place your vehicles in a safe place all winter long, you can better ensure that they will be ready to work for you in the warmer months when you need them. To learn more, contact a company like Country Hills...

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Unusual And Creative Uses For Steel Pressure Tanks

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Steel pressure tanks are very strong because they were designed to withstand a great amount of internal pressure. Because of this, it is not unusual to find that many of the larger, steel pressure tanks have been converted into unique structures or repurposed for other uses.   Some of the larger steel pressure tanks have been converted into unusual, multilevel round houses. Some of these houses are elevated, while others are ground level or subterranean. Steel pressure tanks have also been adapted for other uses. Here are some of the more creative ways that people have used steel pressure tanks via pressure vessel fabrication:   Vapor Drawings – An internationally known contemporary artist, makes drawings and sculpture by painting with chemicals on glass and paper. He “paints” with these chemicals by vaporizing them in a vacuum tank. The artist purchased a steel pressure tank and placed it horizontally in his studio. He customized this tank to become a vacuum chamber. The artist places glass and paper on one side of the tank and small containers of chemicals on the other side. He takes all of the air out of the tank and runs electricity through the chemicals in the small containers, which vaporizes them. He then allows air to flow back into the tank and the vaporized chemicals fall onto the paper and glass. When the paper and glass are extracted from the chamber, they are painted with luminescent chemicals in beautiful, gradient patterns. Tank House Boat – A man built a house boat from a discarded 20,000-gallon steel oil tank. The four-ton tank house boat was built atop a custom-made pontoon boat with 5 steel drums welded below the water surface for balance and buoyancy. Two doors and four windows were cut out of the tank with an acetylene torch. All doors and windows have awnings to shield the tank’s inside compartments from too much direct sunlight. The steel tank is surrounded by a full deck on all four sides. The tank house boat has sleeping quarters, a galley, indoor plumbing, and a full nautical navigation system. When running at full speed, the house boat can cruise at eight knots and is driven by a set of twin propellers powered by an automobile engine.  Tank Pool Within a Tank Pool House – A person purchased an obsolete 500,000 gallon steel water tank. The tank was 50 feet in diameter and 34 feet high and was placed vertically on a large piece of land. The steel tank was converted into a pool house to hold another, smaller, steel pressure tank that was plumbed and converted into a round swimming pool. The swimming pool was lined in concrete and has a shallow and a deep end. Above the pool, a large sun roof was installed to light the inside of the tank pool house during daylight hours. At night the sun roof becomes a moon roof to observe the night sky.  Although, steel pressure tanks are designed for very utilitarian uses, they have been adapted by creative people to be used in distinct and uncommon ways. With a little imagination, great things can be made from utilitarian...

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3 Tips To Prevent Overhead Door Accidents In Your Factory

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Overhead doors can be extremely convenient in a factory setting, since they make it easy to load and unload shipments of products and more. However, these doors can be very dangerous, particularly in a bustling factory where there are a lot of employees working. Luckily, implementing a few policies within your company can help you keep everyone safe while still making the best use of your overhead doors. 1. Make Overhead Door Maintenance a Priority First of all, well-maintained overhead doors are much safer than doors that aren’t taken care of. Make sure that your maintenance crew lubricates all of the moving parts on each of your overhead doors regularly, and schedule an appointment with a local garage door repair company at least once per year to have all of your overhead doors inspected, maintained and repaired if there are any problems. If you notice any strange noises or issues with operation in-between these scheduled inspections, you should call a repair professional right away. 2. Ensure Overhead Door Areas are Clearly Marked Off Employees should be well-aware of areas in which overhead doors may be opened or closed. Along with posting signs that warn employees to stand back from overhead doors in case someone opens or closes them without paying attention, you should also consider marking off the area so that it is clearly visible. One excellent, easy and cheap way to do so is with colored tape, which can be removed later if necessary. You can also spray paint these areas with brightly-colored spray paint. 3. Open Doors All the Way When opening overhead doors, make sure that they are open all the way. Then, they will be able to rely on the garage door spring to stay in place, which can help prevent them from crashing down. Since an overhead door that falls down when it isn’t supposed to can obviously be extremely dangerous for anyone who is in the vicinity, this is very important. Make sure that all employees who use your overhead doors are aware of this policy. Overhead doors can be extremely useful and convenient in any industrial setting. This does not mean that they cannot be dangerous for the people who work for you, however. Fortunately, there are ways that you can ensure that everyone is safe, and if you follow these three tips and otherwise follow overhead door safety in the workplace, then you shouldn’t have as much to worry about. Click here for more information about overhead doors in...

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3 Reasons Updating Your Old Garage Door This Summer Is Benefical

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If you live in an older home, and have a garage door that is well over twenty years old, it may be time to update your garage door. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider investing in a new garage door this summer. It Will Increase the Value of Your Home The garage door is generally the biggest door in any homes, and it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Over twenty years of wear and tear can really degrade the quality of your garage door. If your garage door looks old and tired, it will make your entire house look old and tired as well.  Having a new, modern electrical garage door will increase the value of your home and make it more appeal to buyers if or when you decide to list your home. Buyers today expect to have electrical garage doors with openers that are easy to use and operate.  It Is an Easy Way to Upgrade the Appearance of Your Home If you have a garage door that is over twenty years old, it probably has a very basic design. Over the last twenty years, the design options for garage doors has exploded. New garage doors features higher levels of insulation as well as more options for the additional of windows. You can purchase garage doors in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement the look of your home. If you go to your local home improvement store or garage door retailer, they will have literally hundreds of different custom options for you to choose from for your new garage door.  Increased Insulation If your garage door is well over twenty years old, there is a good chance that your door does not provide you with the insulation that you need. When you purchase a new garage door, make sure you pay attention to the R-value. The R-value lets you know how insulated the garage door is that you are looking to install.  In order to keep your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, make sure you purchase a new garage door that has a high R-value. This will make your garage a more pleasant place to hang out and work throughout the year. A well-insulated garage door will also make your garage a more secure location to store overflow items from your house. Items last longer in storage when they are somewhere that is climate controlled; a new, well-insulated garage door will allow you to control the climate better and will provide you with better storage conditions. If you want to increase the value of your home and make it look more modern all at the same time, you should replace your old garage door with a new, stylish model that has better insulation properties. Talk to your a garage door repair professional and see what options on the market would work for updating your garage door this...

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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Hog Houses Clean

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If you own hog houses and hogs, you probably know just how messy they can get. However, to keep your hogs healthy, to keep up your property, and to maintain a good reputation for your farm, it is important to keep your hog houses as clean as possible. Luckily, doing so is easier than you probably think once you have a good system in place. These are a few tips that can help you keep your hog houses nice and clean all year long. 1. Keep Your Grain Handling Equipment in Good Condition First of all, you should make sure that your grain handling equipment is in good condition. If you have a modern hog house, you probably have a grain handling system in place that automatically feeds your hogs at specified points of the day. If your grain equipment is not in good shape, however, it can cause excess grain to flood your pig pens. Then, you’ll have a big mess to clean up, and you’ll have to deal with the cost of feed waste. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your grain handling equipment is always kept in good shape. Talk to a company like K-Indu Ltd Stonewall about maintaining or replacing any part of your grain system that need repairs. 2. Use a Scraper System If you haven’t yet implemented a scraper system into your hog farm, now is the time to think about doing so. A scraper system is designed to automatically scrape your hog houses throughout the day. This is one of the best ways to get rid of mud, manure, spilled feed and more. Not only will you be able to keep your hog house looking its best, but you will also be able to cut down on all of the work that you have to tackle yourself. This can make running your hog house a whole lot easier. 3. Take Care of Leaks Immediately Roof leaks or water system leaks can cause a lot of mud and a lot of mess in your hog houses. Therefore, you should have these leaks fixed as soon as possible. Make sure that your plumbing and roof are kept in good condition, and try to stay proactive to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. As you can see, keeping hog houses clean isn’t as difficult as you probably think. If you follow these three tips, you are sure to see an improvement in the condition of your hog houses. This can help keep your hogs happier and can help you maintain a cleaner and more reputable...

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3 Reasons To Rent Heavy Equipment For Your Oilfield Construction Jobs

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If you work in the oilfield construction industry, you probably know that heavy equipment can help make your job a whole lot easier and a lot more successful. However, you could have a hard time deciding between purchasing or renting your equipment. Although there are certainly some benefits that go along with purchasing your own heavy equipment, there are also a lot of benefits to renting it. Along with the obvious cost savings, these are some of the many reasons why renting heavy equipment or your oilfield construction company could be your best choice. 1. Make Traveling for Work Easy Oilfield construction jobs can pop up just about anywhere. If you want to expand your company’s reach and secure more jobs from more places, renting your equipment can be a smart idea. Then, you can travel to various job sites in different areas, and you won’t have to worry about transporting your equipment with you. Instead, you can just rent necessary equipment from a nearby heavy equipment rental company. 2. Use the Best and Newest Equipment When purchasing equipment, many oilfield construction companies have to purchase used equipment to save money. Even if you buy your equipment brand new, you probably won’t be able to replace it as soon as it starts aging. Instead, by renting, you can rent equipment that is brand new and that has all of the newest and greatest features and technology. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it aging on you; each time that you rent, you’ll be able to rent new stuff. You can also try out various types of equipment to find out what makes the job easiest for you; this is a great way to try new things without having to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on it. 3. Don’t Worry About Maintenance or Repairs Maintaining and repairing heavy equipment can get expensive and can be a major pain for your company. When you rent, however, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. You can let the equipment rental company handle maintenance and repairs while you and your employees focus on getting work done. As you can see, renting heavy equipment for your oilfield construction jobs can be highly beneficial for your company. These are just some of the many reasons why renting might be a better choice for your company than buying, even if you use this equipment every day. If you still want more information, you can check it out by clicking...

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4 Tips For Preparing For An Emergency In Your Area

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A disaster can strike with little to no warning, so it is important to have a plan and be prepared in advance. When you have an emergency preparedness plan you will not have to compete with other people in your community for resources in the aftermath of a disaster. Use the following tips to make sure that you and your family are ready for any emergency that may strike your area: Emergency Food Supply In this day and age the majority of people rely on local grocery stores for all of their food needs. Grocery stores are very convenient, but in the event of an emergency t is not uncommon for grocery stores to run out of essentials as everyone tries to prepare at the last minute. You can avoid the frustration of trying to stock up on food immediately before or after a disaster by creating an emergency food supply in advance. It is a good idea to have several gallons of water on hand for each member of your household, as well as nonperishable foods that can be consumed even if you do not have the means to cook them. Invest in a Weather Radio During a disaster situation normal sources of communication and information through the Internet or television may not be available. When you have a weather radio you will be able to tune into a channel broadcasting emergency weather information no matter what is going on. You may want to purchase a weather radio with a hand crank, so you can power it manually if the batteries lose power. Have an Alternate Source of Power In an emergency power is often of of the first things to go, so having an alternate source of power can make you life a lot easier. One of the most popular alternate power sources is a gas powered generator. If you purchase an appropriately sized generator (from an outlet such as D T R Services electric motors) you can provide electricity to your home in order to keep your refrigerator and freezer running, and allow you to charge cell phones and other battery powered communication devices. When you own an emergency generator, don’t forget to keep a supply of gas on hand so it is available when you need it. First Aid Supplies Having a well-stocked first aid kit can be a lifesaver when you are in a disaster situation. Create a kit that contains bandages, antibiotic ointment, over the counter pain relievers, and medication for upset stomachs. If you or anyone else in your family takes prescription medication on a regular basis, it is useful to keep an emergency supply on...

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Frost Your Business Windows For Added Privacy

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If you would like to increase your privacy while working at your office, customize your windows with a frosted window film. Frosting windows will make it impossible for anyone to see what you are doing inside, but will still allow plenty of sunlight to filter inside. The steps listed below outline how to complete this project. Materials frosted window film measuring tape soapy water spray bottle paint roller foam brush drop cloth glass cleaner paper towels metal scraper utility knife Preparation And Cleaning Use a metal scraper to remove any residue that is stuck in the corners of each window. Clean the windows with glass cleaner and some paper towels. Dry the windows. Lay a drop cloth on the floor to collect any soap or water that spills when you are applying the film. Measure each window and cut out pieces of film that are slightly larger. Having a little bit more film to work with will ensure that each window is completely covered. Extra film can be cut off after you finish applying it.  Film Application Add a few teaspoons of mild soap or detergent into a spray bottle and fill the rest of it up with water. Shake well. This solution will be used to hold the film in place. Complete one window at a time. Spray the window liberally with the soapy mixture. Peel off the backing from the window film and line it up evenly with the window pane. Press the film onto the window, starting in one corner and continuing with the rest until the entire piece is attached. Spray the top of the film with the same mixture. Spread the mixture out evenly with a foam brush. Use a paint roller to assist with flattening the film and removing any wrinkles. Roll it over the entire piece of film, starting at one end and pushing the roller out to the other side. Trimming And Maintenance Continue covering all of the windows with film. When you are finished, trim off any extra film with a utility knife. Carefully do this so that you do not make any marks on the glass panes or window frames. The film is permanent and will remain secure as long as you are careful when you clean the windows. You can use glass cleaner each time that they become dirty, but do not use too much pressure when wiping it off. You will appreciate the added privacy that the film provides you with. Your windows will also look neat and uniform. For help with your frosted windows or for other window options, contact a custom window company, like Economy Glass...

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